Roztocký Masopust 2019 se blíží!

Masopust in Roztoky and Únětice 2020

15th February 2020

An imprint of past times and a whisper of times to come. A mournfully merry masquerade procession following its Bride Queen. Donned in ribbons and tiny mirrors, she carries stories and voices throughout Roztoky’s landscape.

Event Schedule

  • Map of the event, parade & show
  • 11:00 Mask rental – Central Bohemian Museum in Roztoky u Prahy
  • 12:00 Program at the Roztoky Chateau / Central Bohemian Museum
  • 14:30 Parade through Roztoky with stops at the square and uptown toward Únětice.
  • 16:20 Meeting of the parades at the Holý Vrch hilltop, circle dances
  • 17:30–22:00 Masopust party in a chapiteau in Roztoky-Žalov
  • Detailed schedule
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